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As an investor, we understand how hard you must have worked to come to that stage that you can afford to have an investment. We also understand that your investment needs to have a investment loan that will work in your benefit. Working with Jane as your broker, will ensure your investment is as safe as it possibly can be.

We see your investment loan as your most important move and a part of your financial future. So, the benefits of the right investment loan are multiple.

When looking to invest in property, there are many issues for you to consider.

What is the best type of property investment?

The type of property investment best suited to your needs will depend on your goals. Some landlords want to make money on the rising value of the investment property through capital growth. This may mean buying in an area where property values are likely to rise due to population increases, or growing lifestyle features like cafes and shops. Values can also increase in older suburbs where property renovation activity is strong.

Other landlords focus on the rental yield of their investment. This is the rental return your property investment earns compared to its market value.

Generally speaking, capital growth tends to be stronger for investment properties located in and around capital cities. Rental returns on property are often higher in outer suburbs or regional areas where capital growth can be lower.

It’s also worth thinking about the type of investment property you’d prefer. Units and apartments often require less maintenance than a freestanding house, and they can be more affordable. Houses will benefit from growth in the value of the land they’re built on.

A newly built investment property can offer greater depreciation benefits than an older property. However, there may be good opportunities to improve the value of an older property through renovations.

A key decision is whether you want to be a hands-on landlord and manage the investment property yourself. You can choose the convenience of using a professional property manager, but this will mean paying property management fees.

What type of loan should you get?

There are many types of loans so arranging the most suitable loan for your circumstances is important, for example, should you choose a fixed rate, an interest only loan, a variable principal and interest loan or a line of credit?

Obtaining the advice from an accounting/taxation agent is the best place to start. They will advise you on how best to structure your property investment portfolio and provide advice around;

  • Should you invest in residential or commercial property?
  • Should your investment be positively or negatively geared?

Unlike buying your home you should take the emotion out of buying an investment property.

Investment loans vary depending on what you are looking to achieve.

We offer comprehensive investment loan information and professional service. We also recommend seeking independent financial planning and accountant advice.

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